Useful Links and Resources for The Special Partnership Trust to Aid Remote Working

Get Microsoft Teams:

Join staff meetings and communicate with colleagues.  

Sign in with your school Office 365 account on the web at https://teams.microsoft.com or download the app for an even better experience:

Staff Meetings:

Login to the Teams App with your school email address and password.

This video shows how to setup a Staff Meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Using Teams to Create a Safe Meeting Space for Student Social Interaction and Learning:


As the COVID-19 quarantine period goes on, a need has been identified for our students to be able to socialise and interact with each other like they would do in their Classrooms/Tutor Groups. 

Watch this video to learn more about setting up and managing meetings with students.

Individual School Staff Resource Sites:

Please login using your school email address and password if asked.

Connect to School Using VPN

Please see the following instructions for details of how to connect to your school network from home to access network resources and programs such as Sims.